Where to eat in Greece: 9 recommended restaurants

Greek food is known throughout the world as some of the most delicious, fresh, and often healthy cuisines on the planet. With fertile soil and great weather conditions, there is an abundance of fresh produce throughout the country year-round and this has led to the creation of many fantastic dishes and recipes and they are often very simple. Where to eat in Greece: 10 recommended restaurants

From region to region you will find cultural differences and influences in not only the architecture but also the food, with a Turkish influence clearly found in the food of Crete and the Dodecanese islands whilst Italy has had a hand in developing many dishes in the Ionians. Some recipes have come from great hardship and the ingredients may have simply been the only thing growing on an island or in the village at the time. Many will be seasonal dishes that take advantage of whatever is fresh at the time with modern supermarkets still hard to find in many areas. Some dishes are also community or religious-based and are usually only made on certain days or during certain festivals.

As you plan your trip through Greece, it’s good to know ahead of time the top spots to guide your culinary journey. Here’s an introduction to the ten top-rated restaurants and spots in Greece:

1- Kiki’s Tavern 

Kiki’s Tavern is as simple as they come, but what the space lacks in flair it more than makes up for on the table! The spot boasts no electricity, but with just a simple grill they deliver some of the freshest local ingredients accompanied by intoxicating wine. You can’t visit the Island without this clandestine spot (no website, phone number, or even sign out front) it’s recommended because it’s a local favorite! Don’t miss the char-grilled shrimp, or especially the complimentary wine they provide to those waiting in line. What a refreshing treat!


2- Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

For the traditional Greek deli experience.

This Byzantine pastomageireio, a tavern, and deli in one spot are set in a neoclassical house. Expect an array of Greek cheeses and cold cuts in the deli. The restaurant serves traditional regional dishes, like fried aubergine and zucchini in a Cappadocian sauce or saganaki cheese served with dried meat called pastourma, beef sausage, and eggs.


3- Klimataria

Why go? For traditional Greek food, music, and dance.

This family-run taverna has been going strong since 1927, offering evenings packed with Mediterranean food, music, and dance – a combination Greeks love. The tis oras – a grilled meat platter – is what you should go for. It includes biftekia, grilled meat patties seasoned with spices, as well as lamb and pork chops. Plus, considering Klimataria translates as ‘grape vines’, it’s no surprise the wine served here is always excellent. 


4- Strofi

The view of the Acropolis from Strofi’s roof terrace is one of the most impressive in town. The menu is astounding too; expect traditional Greek dishes, including meze such as smoked aubergine and a cooling, smooth tzatziki. A classic main is a roast lamb stuffed with Greek cheese. 


5-Ambrosia Restaurant

Located in the beautiful area of Lindos right across from the museum, Ambrosia restaurant is one of the high-class restaurants in Greece. It offers a very cozy environment with sophisticated decor and beautifully adorned interiors which can accommodate 40 diners at a time. The staff members here even offer to fillet your fish and are open to any queries regarding the finest wines available in the region which makes for a more interactive and personal experience.


6- Lithos

Lithos is one of the authentic Greek restaurants located in the Psyri neighborhood. Lithos stands out in this area with its charming interiors, not so heavy on the pocket costs, and some delicious seafood and lamb shank. It is a tavern turned into a quaint restaurant. This place is loved even by vegetarians as an assortment of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes are also served here.


7- La Maison

This is a beautiful restaurant located in the vibrant Imerovigli village in Santorini. It is perfectly located here offering some of the best views of the area. One can experience panoramic views of the nearby islands, volcanos, and the pristine Caldera sea. Innovative dishes are curated here which are served in the most beautiful way by the friendly waiters.


8- Spondi

This is a popular restaurant in Athens, Greece which has been given the status of 2 Michelin star restaurant. The ambiance and interiors of this place along with the service of highly palatable dishes make for an incredible and unique dining experience. One can witness an ancient and historic feel to the whole place which is beautifully designed with bricks and stones. The whole place is exquisitely lit up offering a bright and positive feel to the surrounding atmosphere.


9- Orizontes

This restaurant is situated on the tallest peak in Athens, Lycabettus, offering remarkable all-encompassing views of the city and has been praised by guests as a standout among the most special settings in Europe. Following this hypnotizing scene, the structure of the eatery has been depicted as present-day with ‘enrichments of simple lines and soft colors’, making an enchanting atmosphere and sophisticated aesthetic. The kitchen prides itself on serving Mediterranean food that draws from various popular Greek recipes and is set up with fine new fixings. Romantic eating encounters can be appreciated here with dishes, like, grouper filet from the Aegean ocean with sweet peppers, velvet lemongrass sauce, and caper, or cooked sheep with lager, honey, and thyme.

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